13 Seconds –

The Kent State Shootings


May 4, 1970, just days after the announcement to send U.S. troops into Cambodia, the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of unarmed anti-war protesters at Kent State University and changed the course of history. 


13 SECONDS – THE KENT STATE SHOOTINGS is a haunting documentary that takes 30 years of inquiry and reflection to chronicle the events leading up to the 13 seconds of rifle fire that left four students dead, nine wounded and a nation forever changed. 


The haunting LIFE photograph of Mary Ann Veccho poised in anguish over the body of a slain student;  the fervor of the wounded student – activist, still consumed by the need for justice 30 years later


13 Seconds is a portrait of the pain shared by an entire nation.  After 30 years, the blood stains are not forgotten.