The Boston Molasses Flood

The Boston Molasses Flood: As the temperature rose on January 15, 1919, something disastrous was about to happen. The earth heaved under the feet of workers as they heard the sound of ripping and tearing steel bolts accompanied by a booming roar as the bottom of the giant molasses tank split open. A geyser of yellowish-brown fluid spouted into the sky, followed by a deadly tidal wave of molasses. With a horrible hissing, sucking sound, it splashed across the street, crushing everything in its path. 21 people were found dead and countless others were injured. Watch the Boston Molasses Flood Now:

Hurricane Hazel

The element of water is essential to survival and often seen as the most life-giving element on Earth. In some regions it is a scarcity, but in others, its volume can overcome us, taking lives instead of sustaining them. Hurricane Hazel: The circumstances that surrounded the appearance of Hurricane Hazel in October 1954 were totally unexpected. Having laid a path of destruction through the Caribbean and Carolinas, Hazel settled inland over the Alleghenies and was expected to die a natural death. Here, however, she re-fueled with the help of a low-pressure system and rushed towards Lake Ontario in Canada. While the hurricane struck Toronto with forceful winds and rain, the destruction was

The Cocoanut Grove Fire

Since man first gained control of fire, he has been fighting to keep it. The Cocoanut Grove Fire: One night in Boston in 1942, over a 1000 people poured into a nightclub licensed for 460. When a fire was discovered, panic broke out in the overcrowded rooms. 433 people died from asphyxiation, suffocation, burns, and heart failure. Among them was the Singing Cowboy, who was the entertainment for the evening. Although rescue workers were quick to respond, another 59 people died later in hospital. WATCH: The Cocoanut Grove now!


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Super Outbreak

Human beings have always been at the mercy of Mother Nature and her varied weather patterns. Regardless of the level of preparation for unexpected dangers, there are always those surprise forces of nature that bring tragic consequences. The inhabitants of middle North America know all too well the risks of the winds of Tornado Alley. The American Super Outbreak: Between the days of April 3-4,1974, a cluster of tornadoes raged against 13 U.S. states. The outbreak produced a total of 148 tornadoes across Illinois, Indiana and Michigan that moved southward through the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys into Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. In just under 16 hours, the twisters stormed through