On This Day: Newfoundland Sealing Disaster (March 30, 1914)

Caught in a sudden spring blizzard, 78 sealers died on an ice shelf off the northern Newfoundland coast. The S.S. Stephano, captained by an inexperienced man named Westbury Kean sent 170 men onto the ice on March 30, 1914. Most of them crossed the ice to a vessel working a seal patch a few miles away. Later that day, the ship’s captain ordered all men back to their own ship. Both captains thought that the men were safely on board the other's ship when a ferocious spring storm struck that evening. The sealers spent two nights exposed to howling winds and freezing sleet before another ship stumbled across the desperate survivors. The Newfoundland disaster caused a storm of controversy in

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On This Day: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (March 25, 1911)

Despite repeated attempts by workers and community leaders, New York City’s Triangle Shirtwaist Factory employed girls as young as 14 years of age making shirts for sweatshop wages in an overcrowded factory. When fire broke out on March 25, 1911, employees on the tenth floor were alerted by phone and escaped by climbing onto the roof and down a fire escape. For the girls working on the eighth and ninth floors though, there was no warning – and no way out. The doors had been locked to prevent them from leaving before the end of their shift. Trapped in an inferno, the young women broke windows and leapt to their death rather than suffer the flames. 146 of the 500 workers died that day. Th

On This Day: Viking Explosion March 15th, 1931

The Viking Explosion - 86 years ago In the spring of 1931, famed film director Varrick Frissel commissioned the sealing ship The Viking to shoot action sequences for his new film. Along with his crew and equipment, Frissel had brought barrels of gunpowder aboard. The extra gunpowder was poorly stored and left in contact with sources of flame. In the evening of March 15th, as the ship’s crew prepared for bed, the gunpowder ignited. Survivors abandoned ship for the ice pans and trudged over 20 kilometers of ice and water to the remote Horse Islands, where local residents took them in. 65 people, including Varrick Frissel, died in the disaster.

This Day In History: March 10th Dryden Air Crash 38 Years ago

On the snowy afternoon of March 10th, 1989, a Fokker F-28 with 69 passengers aboard crashed just beyond the runway. The plane burst into flames and broke apart, killing 24 passengers and destroying the cockpit voice recorder, or “black box”. Investigation revealed that a number of factors had contributed to the crash. Most significant was the deadly accumulation of ice on the wings. The changes recommended by the official inquiry forever altered aircraft safety regulations in Canada. Coming soon to BDHQ

This Day In History: The Black Market Express

The Black Market Express: On the night of March 2, 1944, a trainload of 521 people enroute to Naples, Italy, died in one of the eeriest train disasters of all time. Brought to a halt by icy rails in a narrow 2 mile long tunnel, it is assumed that carbon monoxide gas produced by the labouring engine overcame the passengers as they sat in their seats. Only the brakeman and 5 passengers could be revived once the train was discovered.

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