November 4, 1979.  Militant students seize the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran.  66 Americans are taken prisoner; 52 of them will remain in captivity for 444 days.


In the midst of this chaos, five Americans, Mark and Cora Lijek, Joseph and Katherine Stafford, and Bob Anders, elude the students. Temporarily free, they quickly find themselves stranded in a hostile country gripped by revolutionary fervour.


November 8, 1979.  Ken Taylor, Canada’s Ambassador to Iran, receives a call from one of his staff who has been contacted by the five desperate Americans.  This call takes him, his staff, and his family into the realm of political maneuverings and international intrigue, forged passports and secret agents, a world in which the danger of betrayal and capture is ever present. Shortly after this, another American, Henry Schatz, joins the five “houseguests” in Tehran.   

Escape From Iran: The Hollywood Option commemorates the 25th anniversary of the “Canadian Caper.” 


On January 21, 1981, 444 days after their captivity began, the remaining 52 American hostages were released and returned home to the United States.  Thanks to a small group of Canadians, six of their compatriots were waiting there to meet them.  Escape from Iran: The Hollywood Option tells the story of these six.