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Future Medicine 


Episode I – Future Surgery


Future Surgery explores three technologies that are revolutionising how surgeons perform operations and deliver critical care.  Telementoring and Robotic Surgery are technologies that promise to bring specialised health care to remote regions along with decreasing the chance of human error.  The Gamma Knife is a new technology that promises an alternative to invasive brain surgery. In Future Surgery, we will see how advances in surgical tools promise to bring gentler and more effective treatments to all corners of the earth.


Episode II – Bio-Medicine


Bio-Medicine explores the new ways in which medical researchers are turning to nature and the human body to provide medical cures.  This episode will explore how researchers are attempting to replicate new organs, growing and harvesting pharmaceuticals from common plants and farm animals and transferring much-needed islet cells to diabetics.  Bio-Medicine explores how current technology makes use of the world around us to provide cures for the diseases that ail us.


Episode III – The Body-Machine Interface


The Body-Machine Interface explores the ways in which mechanical technology will interact with the human body in order to combat disease and illness.  Nanotechnology offers the possibility of using microscopic machines to combat internal illnesses.  Cyborg technology offers the hope of melding broken bodies to machines so as to provide mobility to people suffering paralysis.  3D technology, an essential tool for doctors at the vanguard of surgical treatment, provides an unparalleled view into the human body.   Body-Machine Interface examines the ways in which man and machine will become intertwined in the medicine of the future.