Bad Day HQ debuts on YouTube with Hit TV series

A local television producer is stepping into the online digital marketplace with the launch of Bad Day HQ, a new YouTube channel. Bad Day HQ gives visitors unrestricted access to top-rated television series including Disasters of the Century and to early episodes of the long-running series Crime Stories.

BC-based Partners in Motion Inc. is known for producing factual television programs for broadcasters including A&E, History Channel, HBO, TLC and The Discovery Network.

For over a decade, their series Disasters of the Century has attracted large television audiences around the world.

Disasters of the Century presents stories of deadly natural disasters. The program features in-depth interviews with the people closest to the story and makes use of high-quality re-creations and reenactments to tell how the events unfolded.

“There’s a real educational value to our series, so we’re especially happy to make it available worldwide for students and adults alike.” says Ron Goetz, Executive Producer of Partners in Motion.

Promising to maintain a strong connection with its online community and be responsive to visitor feedback, Bad Day HQ will promote visitor engagement with monthly prize giveaways.

Bad Day HQ is planning to work with other series producers to expand a growing catalogue of programs for online distribution.

Earlier this year, Partners in Motion announced it had forged a first look deal with Toronto’s Distribution 360 for developing and co-producing new factual content.


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