Halifax Explosion

In the early part of the 19th century, the world experienced an economic boom of unprecedented growth referred to as “The Industrial Revolution”. Fuelled by the perfection of the steam engine, everything from manufacturing to transportation on both land and sea became totally redefined. Yet this revolution also brought with it a darker side that emphasized progress at any cost, exacting from some the ultimate price.

Death and destruction were reported daily from the battlefields of WW1, but no one expected the largest man-made explosion until Hiroshima to occur in North America. It was in Halifax harbor on December 6, 1917, that a French ship, the Mont Blanc, dangerously overloaded with explosives, and a Belgian Ship, the Imo, travelling too fast in the “narrows” collided with devastating results. Over 1600 people perished and 9000 were injured as the north end of Halifax was flattened.

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