Very Odd Jobs is a weekly, half-hour series about people with unique professions.  It is designed to provide entertainment for viewers of every age group. 


Enter the world of Very Odd Jobs, where you will encounter many bizarre and delightful occupations.  In each episode, Very Odd Jobs travels the globe searching for rare individuals whose jobs are unlike any others…


Butler school instructors, mountain carvers, a sperm bank operator, or . . .

  • A referee who “blows the whistle” on millionaires - millionaire hockey players!

  • The man who paints the Eiffel Tower in Paris

  • A gondola maker in Florence Italy.

  • A submarine manufacturer in Florida who builds recreational subs for the ultra-rich.

  • A safari guide in South Africa.

  • The Goodyear Blimp Pilot in California

  • The men who make the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat.


These profiles and dozens more like them are what make up Very Odd Jobs – the show that keeps you guessing as to how many ways a person can actually make a living in unique and unusual ways!