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Ron Goetz

Executive Vice President

In 2000, Goetz left an executive position with CKCK TV to form Partners in Motion – an independent production house that allowed him to produce documentaries about significant historic events.  First up was 13 Seconds: The Kent State Shootings, an investigation into the infamous 1970 event where 4 unarmed students were shot to death during an anti-war protest. 13 Seconds: The Kent State Shootings won the 2000 Emmy Award for Best Documentary and an airdate on American Public Television.


More documentaries followed including Midnight Massacre: The Donnelly Murders, Vietnam: Canada’s Unknown War and Escape from Iran: The Hollywood OptionEscape from Iran was the documentary inclusion in the boxed set release of Ben Affleck’s Argo (the Academy Award and Golden Globe ‘Best Picture’ winner). 


Meticulous research, insightful writing and fresh visual storytelling set Goetz’s work apart. The networks noticed. Goetz was approached to produce multi-episode series to fill broadcast schedules.


Goetz ramped up production. He brought leadership and vision to multi-episode productions including Legend Hunters (8 episodes), Trading Places (23 episodes), The Re-Inventors (35 episodes) and Disasters of the Century (42 episodes).  


His best-known brand is Crime Stories/Blood, Lies and Alibis, a 76 episode, ten-season success story that originated and defined the factual crime genre. 


Engaging storytelling, high production standards and strong ratings have made Goetz and Partners in Motion a favored supplier for networks including Discovery International, History Television, A&E Biography, The Travel Channel, HBO and TLC.


Goetz is currently developing new programs including lifestyle entry Canine Cupids, the WW2 series War Through My Eyes and the reality/comedy offering The UnOriginals.  


Simon Dekker

Head of Development 

Simon Dekker builds television series across several genre.


He produced TWISTED TALES OF MY 9 TO 5 (Investigation Discovery), EDGE OF WAR (The Military Channel), CRIME STORIES (A&E Biography), INNOVATION NATION (CTV/Bell Media, SCN), I PROPHESY (Vision TV) and BALLOONER LANDING (Global).

Dekker has produced and directed over seventy agency television commercials, several short films and a feature-length documentary. His work has been recognized with regional, national and international awards.

In his new role as Director of Development for Partners in Motion, Dekker will evaluate incoming scripts and concepts, prepare properties for market and oversee series in the pipeline.